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Economic Development Through Improved Internet Access In Developing Countries

In this blog posts on information technology and humanitarian development have thus far focussed on the potential that is offered in tackling specific development problems. Lower levels of connectivity restrict the overall impact that higher levels of connectivity can have. … Continue reading

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What Should We Do About Globalisation? 2 Years Later

This week the discussion in the MSci 442 course is on technology and globalisation. This discussion is taking place in a very interesting week. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, yesterday made an important speech on UK policy on Brexit, … Continue reading

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Millennials, Ford, Toyota and Google

Many organisations continue to be concerned with how they will manage millennials – the generation of employees that were born between the early 1980s and the mid 1990s. While it is clearly inaccurate to ascribe all people born between these dates … Continue reading

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Questions About Democracy From the US Election

The following post was written the day before the news of allegations that Donald Trump was collaborating with the Russian government due to the possible existence of compromising video material of a sexual nature. This post discusses the challenge to … Continue reading

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Fake News, Why It’s Important and What You Can Do About It

This blog and the University of Waterloo course that it supports are focussed on understanding the impact that information technology is having on society today. Often, there is widespread disagreement on what this impact is. Opinions vary widely and are … Continue reading

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