Information Technology and The Environment 2014 Update

Information technology and the environment have remained prominent in recent years. Concerns continue about the impact of IT on the environment and interest is growing in how IT can help to reduce the carbon footprint of organisations and individuals.

The impact of people on planet earth is argued to have created a new epoch, known as the Anthropocene, which the following video explains:

Global warming continues to be debated and technology is applied to better understanding its existence and to monitor the impact of efforts to change it. NASA produced this video which details the work that they are doing to understand global warming:

The impact of global warming from a Canadian perspective is considered in the next video which indicates a form of crowdsourcing of lake freezing data to monitor climate change:

While the existence of global warming continues to be debated, governments are acting to try to reduce or reverse it. The Omani government issued this video on the progress that it was making in 2012:

The impact of information technology on the environment is perceived by the two sides of the global warming debate in different ways. Those who believe that global warming is happening, argue that sourcing of technology, its operational use and end of life disposal all impact the global warming process, while those who do not beleive that global warming exists argue that these are less important. Green initiatives by companies, organisations and individuals are argued to be less important in this view.

Data Centres are argued to be a major source of carbon emissions and this video from Japan details how data centres can be designed to minimise thier carbon footprint:

Remote working continues to be an area of interest in the IT and the environment discussion and the following video from Frost and Sullivan discusses the issues involved:

Finally, e waste end of life remains a serious issue in developing countries:

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