Interview with Oana Spinu: The Impact of Information Technology in Nunavut

Today I interviewed Oana Spinu who is the Executuve Director of the Nunavut Broadband Development Corporation and based in Iqaluit. We discussed the impact of the internet in Nunavut on communities, culture, business and government services. My apologies for the video and audio quality in some portions of this recording.

I visited Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut a couple of weeks ago to talk to the Economic Developers Association of Canada – here is a picture of the city:

Here is Oana’s profile:

OANA SPINU has been with NBDC since October 2009 in the roles of Project Manager, Acting Executive Director and Executive Director. Previously, she was the Senior Advisor, Innovation and Technology, with the Government of Nunavut’s Economic Development and Transportation (EDT) department. She has a strong interest in the territory’s broadband infrastructure development. Prior to this position she spent close to a decade leveraging ICT in the not-for-profit and arts sectors. Ms Spinu worked with Igloolik Isuma Productions and Arnait Video Productions on numerous interactive media projects, film and video productions; was involved in researching and developing streaming and telepresence tools for CA*net4 and similar large bandwidth networks at Montreal’s Societé des arts technologiques, and worked as a New Media Associate at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

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One Response to Interview with Oana Spinu: The Impact of Information Technology in Nunavut

  1. Information technology is been a big impact in any part of the world.In Finland country there are many services that give IT services which many business got a lot of benefits from them.

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