Information Technology and Modern Warfare 2012 Update

It has been argued that modern warfare has been made easier for politician’s as a result of the use of information technology:

Protesters have drawn attention to their concerns about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through the use of social media:

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, highlighted the origins of the current conflict in Afghanistan that have led to arguments in favour of fourth generation warfare:

Civil disobedience is a key concept if fourth generation warfare and this video explains what it is:

Net centric warfare features a cooperative engagement capability through the use of information technology:

Drones have remained a controversial issue and the capture of a drone by Iran focussed attention on their use:

Warporn has also continued to be a concern to many as highlighted in the following video:

Cyber terrorism appeared to raise more concern over the past year as awareness of its potential grew:

Understanding of the Stuxnet worm was broadenned with this TED talk on how it worked:

Over the past year we have seen concerns about the impact of information technology on modern warfare continue. This post summarises the updates that have been made to the material that is covered in the University of Waterloo course.

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