Information Technology and Privacy 2012 Update

I have left the posting on Information Technology and Privacy from 2011 intact and am posting here additional content for 2012. This appears in the following areas. The above video illustrates the continuing complacency about privacy amongst many internet users. The following video makes this argument more forcefully. In 2012 the threat posed by risks to privacy continues to increase:

Recently, Google announced its intention to upgrade its Privacy Policy and streamline it, to create a smoother, more intuitive experience for the user. They argue that this will increase the utility of Google products to the user:

Not everyone agress though, and this was reported by the CBC on “The National”:

The Canadian Federal Privacy Commissioner also continued her concern and produced new content to provide advice on behaving in ways that protect the individual’s privacy on the internet:

CNN highlighted the struggles of an Austrian law student, who complained about Facebook retaining deleted content, arguing that this contravened European Law.

Concerns also grew about legislation in many countries, including in the USA and Canada that would allow companies to control internet content:

and that would allow government agencies to easily access the internet activity records of individuals. Ann Cavoukian, the Ontario Privacy Commissioner, criticised Canadian Federal government proposals for legislation in this area:

In the US, the activities of the Electronic Frontier Foundation continued and they made an award to US Senator Wyden who described the importance he thought that internet freedom had and the threats that it faced:

Julian Assange’s travails with Wikileaks continued as the US sought to extradite him to face charges related to the release of sensitive data and Sweden for allegations of sexual crimes. At the time of writing neither of these issues have been resolved.

Finally, I found the following video of an uncomfortable Mark Zuckerberg that some relate to the discomfort that they feel with the current privacy situation:

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