The impact that information technology is having on the world today is often described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution – referring not just to its impact on the world of work but on all aspects of peoples’ lives today. This website is designed to help make sense of the changes that are taking place for individuals, organisations and society.

Since 2011, posts on this website have considered the impact of information technology in a range of areas. Each of the categories in the menu above have content that has been added over a number of years, reflecting how our understanding of the impact has changed and of the multiple points of view on whether the impact will be positive or negative.

Better understanding of the impact that information technology will have will enable its more effective and appropriate development. Information technology has the potential to enable transformation that will greatly improve humanity, or destroy it. The choices made by governments, organisations and individuals today will determine which it will be. This website is intended to contribute to good choices in the application of information technology, today and in the future.

The website also supports the University of Waterloo course MSci 442 – the Impact of Information Systems on Organisations and Society. The course is taught and written by Peter Carr: pdcarr@uwaterloo.ca . Contact Peter if you would like to discuss the impact that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is having on your organisation or community.

As part of the requirements for MSci 442, students form groups to debate the topics that the course covers. Videos created by students for the debates in the most recent offering of the course can be found in the following playlist:


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